Tasks for Week 1:

  • Read the wiki page and PPT to get familiar with the course requirements and policies.
  • Get enrolled on Piazza using your UCI address. We will soon switch to Piazza for class announcements.
  • The spreadsheet has a tab for people looking for partners.
  • Project 1 will be due on 1/18/2017, Wednesday. Start on it soon. You will do your submission as a team, and each team only needs one submission.
  • Setup your development environment on your laptop (Java, Eclipse, MySQL, JDBC, and Tomcat).
  • Start a Ubuntu 64-bit instance (free tier) and follow our instructions to setup the environment on the instance. Make sure to configure the security group to make it safe. Also "Stop" the instance when you are not using it.

Given the nature of this project-oriented course, our deadline to drop the class is by the end this Friday. After that, you are in!

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